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Furniture catalogue design

Having experts on hand for your furniture catalogue design is vital when creating a powerful sales tool for a product heavy business.

A furniture catalogue’s only job is to increase consumer awareness and sell product. It can do this as an indepth listing of your whole product range, a seasonal or sales promotion, or a range lookbook.

With print, digital, and hybrid options, a furniture catalogue can be designed to reach all audiences, everywhere. A printed catalogue will have more reach with the older generation, whilst a digital catalogue will resonate more with the younger generations. A hybrid approach could be employed, with a smaller promotional catalogue driving consumers online where your full range awaits.

Whatever format your furniture catalogue design takes, there are several things that you need to be sure to get right:

  • Imagery
  • Tone of voice
  • Easy to digest information
  • Consistent design

Carry on reading for a breakdown of the separate parts of Furniture Catalogue Design

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Catalogue or lookbook?

Sell the product, or the lifestyle

  • Before you create a furniture catalogue, you need to decide what its purpose is.
  • If your main aim is selling as much product as possible, then a catalogue is the answer. But if you want to reveal a new range, or just want to build brand awareness, a lookbook may be better.
  • A catalogue will list all or some of your products, listing specific details and colour/range/size options, offer the ability to buy offline, or directing customers online to view more details and purchase.
  • Whereas a lookbook is more like a portfolio, showcasing the products in lifestyle images with minimal product information. A lookbook’s purpose is to build brand/product awareness and drive desire by presenting your products in an aspirational way. Lookbooks are usually used only for new ranges or seasonal collections, and so are much smaller products.
Catalogue or lookbook design

Excellent Reviews Rating

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Furniture catalogue design

Furniture photography

Image is everything

A picture says a thousand words

  • A furniture catalogue needs to display your products in their best light without the customer being able to get hands on, so good professional photography is essential.
  • Use isolated product shots to show-off the product features – think about colour or version options – should all shots be from the same angle?
  • Professional white screen photography will make the cropping and page layout process much easier, allowing your designer to easily lay the images over other colours
  • Images need to be high quality, clear, crisp, well-lit and colour correct
  • Use orchestrated room shots to present the product in a real-world scenario, to give customers decoration ideas and drive up desire for the product – if they can ‘see’ it in their own home environment, they are more likely to buy.

Tone of voice

Speak to your audience how they expect to be spoken to

  • The next part of the process is working out who your target audience is, so you can speak to them in the right ‘tone of voice’.
  • Your tone of voice is a mix of writing style, photography style, colours used and design styles employed. They all come together to create an over all ‘tone’. This tone needs to be focused on the demagraphic you want to attract – it’s no use being super modern and trendy if you are selling mobility furniture.
  • Your own brand is responsible for setting the base tone – make sure the catalogues tone of voice is in keeping with your own brand ethos. Presume that every time is the first time that someone has seen your catalogue – make sure your own brand is presented clearly throughout the whole catalogue: use logos, colour schemes and fonts to help with this.
  • Have regular call to actions (CTA’s) to either call to order, or drive your audience online (this is crucial if your catalogue is a lookbook or seasonal offering)
  • Don’t loose sight that it is a catalogue and not a brochure – introduce the business succinctly, and get to talking about your products with minimal fuss. We know already that images are key, so give them room to do the talking, but back them up with precise details, laid out in a clear and easy to understand format.
Furniture catalogue design

Print or digital?

Understand where your target audience is

Printed and digital furniture catalogue design
  • A printed catalogue is still a powerful tool – people still like to look through something physical, and have an easy reference point. However, print comes with some inherent issues that you must be mindful of before you begin the design phase. If you’re sending out very high quantities, the size and paper/stock weight will have a major impact on production and postage costs.
  • If you are creating a lookbook, it’s likely to be a smaller publication, so you have some freedom to explore higher quality paper stocks, special finishes, and bespoke wrapping options to create a really plush product – this is a great option for boutique brands.
  • Print and digital can work in tandem within the same catalogue campaign: a printed furniture catalogue could have more reach to the not-so-savvy generations (this is where understanding your target audience comes in), but it can drive people to your website. If it’s a sale or seasonal campaign, the physical product can showcase certain products and drive readers online to view the full range.
  • A digital furniture catalogue affords much more levels of engagement: links to associated products, direct links back to relevant sections of your own website, the ability to show-off the product more with features like 3D viewing, or augmented reality where a viewer can see your product right in their own home, with the press of a button.
  • Be mobile savvy. The majority of web traffic is now on mobile devices, so build your digital furniture catalogue design for mobile first.

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At Palmiero Design we offer a no risk design guarantee to all our customers.
If you are not completely satisfied with our design solutions, there's no fee.

100% design satisfaction guaranteed

Our Promise to Deliver Results

At Palmiero Design we offer a no risk design guarantee to all our customers.
If you are not completely satisfied with our design solutions, there's no fee.

Your furniture catalogue designed with a 100% design guarantee

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