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Creating packaging design that is more than just a box!

Product packaging

Great packaging design shouldn’t simply ‘hold’ a product – it needs to communicate what is inside, reinforce the brand, connect with consumers, grab attention in a busy marketplace, carry important information… and so much more!

The packaging itself has many jobs: it needs to be durable, easy to open, suitable for its intended purpose (food stuffs/hazardous materials), and as space efficient as possible.

Sustainability is a really important issue and one that should not be ignored in any production process. Think about recycled AND recyclable materials, eco friendly inks, afterlife, and efficient design (don’t make parts that are not needed).

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What’s in the box?

Packaging is a silent spokesperson for your product as it sits on a shelf or hangs in a display.

  • Your packaging has to appeal to the right audience and suitably represent what’s inside – if it’s a beauty product, don’t make it look like a cleaning product!
  • It also needs to grab attention quickly in a crowded marketplace: it will be displayed with lots of competitor products, so the brand needs to be prominent to play on customer loyalty. But the products use needs to be explained extremely succinctly for consumers not familiar with the brand.
  • You also need to think about other marketing elements: how will the graphics work in adverts, on POS or online?
Product packaging

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Packaging design

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More than just a box

Your product packaging needs to be many things, all at the same time.

  • Think about functionality first: how durable does it need to be? Is the product heavy: does the packaging need handles or extra strengthening? Is the product a solid or a liquid: does the packaging need to be rigid or soft? Is the product to be foodstuffs: does the packaging need to be food safe, waterproof etc? If the product is high end, then the packaging also needs to reflect this.
  • Also think about user interaction: ease of carry and opening. Does it need to be resealable? Is it an age restricted or highly desirable item: does the packaging need to be tamper proof?
  • Then consider size: packaging for a retail environment needs to be as compact as possible so as many units as possible can fit onto a store shelf. Will it be hanging or self-standing? What is the minimum requirements for information: will there be enough room on the packing to say what you need to (be mindful of legal labelling requirements).
  • All these factors will determine what materials the packaging is made from, so need to be addressed before any designing takes place.
Packaging design
Tube Packaging Design

Made to last… or compost!

Sustainability should absolutely be considered and here at Palmiero Design, we believe it should be considered above all else.

  • Modern science and technology are giving us more and more options for planet safe packaging solutions, so there is no excuse for using single use materials. But you have to do your research – some recycled materials are not then recyclable again, or at least not easily in the home, meaning consumers will just put it in normal waste.
  • It’s not just the materials that need considering: coatings and inks can render eco materials un-recyclable. However,  friendly inks, grown from algae, are now available (check out Living Ink).
  • Think about the afterlife of the packaging: can it be used for something else? Can recyclable parts be easily removed? Can it be put in standard compost, or dissolved in the sink?
  • Don’t over engineer things – design only what is needed. Even if the whole package is fully recyclable, it’s always better to have less to recycle.
  • And say NO to greenwashing! Greenwashing is a deceptive marketing ploy that portrays businesses as environmentally conscious when they are not actually making any notable sustainability efforts.

A small label making a big impact

The FSC label is the world’s most trusted mark for sustainable forestry.

Sustainable packaging design
  • The use of FSC-certified paper has exploded over the past few years, nearly becoming an industry standard. When you purchase FSC-labelled products, you’re helping forests, and the people that rely on them, thrive by supporting:
    Zero deforestion: Trees are harvested responsibly so there is no net loss of forest over time.
    Biodiversity preservation: Plant and animal species are protected
    Fair wage and work environment: All workers are provided with proper training, adequate safety protocols, and fair wages
    Community rights: Local communities living in and around forest areas are consulted, and their legal and cultural rights to land and forest resources are respected.
  • With group certification readily available for printers, the costs for achieving FSC certification have been greatly reduced. Find out more about it here
100% design satisfaction guaranteed

Our Promise to Deliver Results

At Palmiero Design we offer a no risk design guarantee to all our customers.
If you are not completely satisfied with our design solutions, there's no fee.

100% design satisfaction guaranteed

Our Promise to Deliver Results

At Palmiero Design we offer a no risk design guarantee to all our customers.
If you are not completely satisfied with our design solutions, there's no fee.

Your product packaging designed with a 100% design guarantee

  • Pay for work only when you are 100% happy with the price and design solutions
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