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Our Promise to Deliver or Your Money Back

If you’re not totally satisfied with our solutions we promise to re-work your designs until you are completely happy with the end result...
...or we give your money back.

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100% design satisfaction guaranteed

Our Promise to Deliver or Your Money Back

If you’re not totally satisfied with our solutions we promise to re-work your designs until you are completely happy with the end result...
...or we give your money back.

We take care of the entire brochure design & production process from start to finish

From initial design concepts, artwork layouts and proofing - all the way through to print production and delivery.

Garrett Whitelock Brochure

The traditional brochure is a promotional document primarily used to introduce a company or organisation and its products or services and promote their benefits to potential customers. They can take on many forms, from simple 4 page mailers, to high value coffee table lookbooks.

Before the digital revolution, printed brochures were king, but now they can be printed, digital or a mix of both, using technologies like augmented reality.

Here we are going to focus on the traditional printed brochure. Click here to find more about the design of electronic e-brochures.


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Engaging content

Professionally written content to support the design of your brochure is crucial for several reasons.

  • First, a well-written brochure is more likely to grab your reader’s attention, convey the right message, and create a lasting impression.
  • Professionally written content can help build credibility and establish trust with potential customers.
  • A professional copywriter can tailor the language and tone of the brochure to your target audience, making the content more relatable and engaging.
  • Finally, high-quality writing can increase the chances of your brochure being shared and circulated, leading to increased brand visibility and potential sales.
  • Overall, investing in professionally written content to support the design of your brochure is an essential ingredient if you’re looking to make a lasting impact on your target audience.
Professional Copywriting
Brochure design size

Brochure size matters

Brochures come in all shapes and sizes, and the perfect fit depends on many factors, so keep these things in mind when deciding the format of your brochure:

  • Square format is a less common shape and can be more eye catching
  • A4 is a standard size for company sales brochures
  • A5 is half the size of A4 and is a good format for promotional brochures, mailers, and catalogues
  • A landscape format may work better for a portfolio type brochure
  • Consider how many pages are required – a smaller brochure with more pages, or a larger brochure with less pages?
  • Also consider how much information you need to give, as this will help decide on size and pagination.


A brochure needs to be fit for its intended purpose - if it’s a general sales brochure then high quality papers and finishes are warranted, but if it’s a promotional brochure, then reducing the quality is OK as it will have a very short life.

  • Thicker, better quality papers are great if the brochure will be handed over in person, but if the brochure is to be mailed out, it needs to be as light as possible to save you postal charges
  • Is it a coffee table book? If it’s something that will be kept or displayed, then you can really go to town on materials and finishes
  • Always bear eco solutions in mind, but don’t greenwash, as people are savvy to this and you will just end up damaging your brand.
Brochure design materials
Brochure design finishing


How a brochure is constructed and finished is also an important consideration

  • ‘Saddle stitched’ – where all pages are stapled together along the crease – is a cost effective solution for brochures with less pages
  • ‘Perfect bound’ – where all pages are glued into a spine like a book – is a great solution for brochures with a lot of pages, or thicker papers. It is a more expensive process, but does add a more ‘quality’ tone
  • Fold out pages can be used to add more content and create an unusual product
  • Internal pockets can be used for providing content that is constantly changing
  • Special finishes such as metallic inks, coloured or textured papers, die cutting, and high gloss varnishes can also be used to add quality to a brochure. Find out more about Special Finishes here.

Free iStock Images to give your Brochure more visual impact

We include up to 6 FREE iStock library images to complement the design of your brochure.

iStock Images For Your Brochure
  • Beautiful, high resolution photo images – if you don’t have access to your own photo images we can often recommend many suitable royalty free iStockphoto library images relevant to your content, such as life-style or application shots, and propose these as part in the design of your brochure
  • Make a statement with striking illustrations and vectors – illustrations from our stock library come in a wide variety of styles to suit almost any application and can often convey your ideas better than a photo. We can suggest the right visuals to keep your audience engaged
  • Icons and infographics – The use of iconography can convey your key messages in more creative ways that will engage your readers. Minimal styling of icons is quick and easy to understand and is often more effective than photos or complex illustrations.

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Do you want to print your brochures too?

Whatever your printing requirements we'll take care of the whole production process on your behalf, offering you the best value for money whilst maintaining the highest possible standards.

Brochure Print Production
  • High definition brochure printing is offered as part of our creative services. Digital printing is available for personalisation and short run projects or lithographic printing for long run single- to multi-colour brochures
  • We will specify the most suitable paper stock, printing processes and material finishes to complement the design of your brochure while ensuring you get the best possible price
  • We work with a number of trusted print suppliers who share our passion for creating stunning printed material in many formats including flyers, folded brochures, stapled or perfect bound brochures as well as more prestigious case bound books
  • With over 25 years experience in managing and overseeing print production projects we have a meticulous eye for detail and scrutinise artwork carefully before your job hits the press. We’ll make sure everything runs smoothly from conception through to delivery.

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Convert your brochure into an online e-brochure

Just like this example, they're very easy to publish on your website and other digital channels

  • Strengthen your brochure’s exposure – We take your brochure pdf files and transform them to give your audience an enhanced experience, whatever device or platform they choose to view it on.
  • Host your brochure on your website – Show your e-brochure directly on your website. Find out more about having a Bespoke e-Brochure Design.
  • Share your brochures on social media – Once your page-flip e-brochure is published you can share it on all your favourite social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
  • Make your brochure more accessible – Let your readers explore your brochure content in a familiar way, while harnessing the power of digital publishing to reach a much wider audience.

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