What to include when designing a property sales brochure

23rd April 2021

First impressions count for everything in this world, especially when trying to sell development property. Therefore, familiarising yourself with the best property sales brochure design tips is highly advised.

The sales brochure for the development is one of the first touchpoints that potential buyers and investors will encounter. Moreover, it is a source of information that they can keep and review when analysing their options. In short, a successful property sales brochure promotes quicker sales and enhances the hopes of getting the full asking price.

Knowing what to include, in regards to both content and design, is essential. The following property sales brochure design tips will point you in the right direction.

1. Start with a good name for your development that will connect with your target market

It has long been stated that you have just seven seconds to make a great first impression in business. In truth, you may have even less time when trying to capture the imagination of a property investor or homeowner. Therefore, the name of your development can set the tone – for better or worse – before they’ve even looked at the details.

A great name should be clear, concise, and evoke positive reactions. Crucially, it should be instantly memorable and give the development a professional vibe. The name should be acoustically pleasing and also look great while written down.

It is equally important to consider the target market. A development of studio apartments for young city workers will naturally benefit from a different name to a retirement development. Do not underestimate the importance of suitability.

2. Create a brand logo and identity for the development that can be used for advertising and on-site display graphics as well as on the brochure itself.

Studies show that one-in-three people believe a logo conveys a brand’s overall quality. Moreover, it is one of the most powerful and iconic resources for building a strong, professional, and reputable name for the company. And this will subsequently influence the reputation of the development by association.

The big question is “what makes a great modern logo?” for property businesses. Versatility is unquestionably one of the most important factors. While the property sales brochure is at the top of your agenda, the brand logo should look equally eye-catching on other printed media as well as your website.

There is no single right or wrong option, but you will probably favor an emblem or wordmark logo over abstract or mascot logos.

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3. Have good quality computer rendered graphic images (CGI’s) created of the property interior and exterior

Establishing a sense of trust in the business will encourage potential investors to take the development more seriously. However, it’s the details of the property or properties that will truly determine how much interest they have. It’s the oldest cliche in the book, but a picture truly paints a thousand words.

Given that property sales brochures are usually designed and distributed before the development has been constructed, CGI graphics will become essential. A high-quality image of the property’s exterior should appear on the brochure’s cover.

Homes with high-quality photos or images sell 32% quicker. Further CGI shots of all internal spaces should be included to help buyers visualise what they are hopefully about to purchase.


4 Floor plans with accurate dimensions

Photos and computer-generated images give investors an insight into what the property has to offer, but any savvy buyer knows that looks can be deceiving. Studies have shown that 78% of experts rate the value of floor plans as at 7 out of 10 or higher. In short, you must include them within the property sales brochure.

Floor plans should accurately detail all dimensions and include the details of alcoves or odd-shaped spaces. Marketing teams should also seek full details of balconies, gardens, or garages that may be included with the property.

When working with a development with multiple units, the floor plans are often the key feature that helps differentiate plots and the variance in price.

5. Pictures and map of the local area

The CGI renderings of the internal property can, when combined with the floor plans, give a clear indication of what to expect from the plot itself. You can support this imagery with photographs and a map of the local area to paint a clearer picture of the proposal.

A brochure is designed to sell rather than tell. Therefore, presenting photos of what matters to them is key. A map that shows that the area is served by good transport links will make a big difference to commuters. Similarly, shots of peaceful beaches or parks can set the scene and boost the attraction of a development.

People need to visualise themselves living in the area as well as the property. Likewise, investors want to see that they can sell the dream to future occupants. The additional pictures are a key aspect for planting that seed.

6. Information about the local area and amenities; shops, schools, transport links, etc.

Even if you are selling to landlords or property investors, you need to think about the perspective of whoever lives in the home. When someone moves into a property, it’s not just about the building. They are starting a new chapter in their lives. As such, information relating to the local area is vital.

Good schooling facilities can boost property values by over £18,000 on average. After all, it can be the difference-maker for families with young children. Therefore, this information should be presented clearly if the development is blessed in this way.

Additional amenities can improve the quality of daily life experienced by the homeowner or tenant. As such, this will influence the appeal of the development.

7. Property specification; features, fixtures, and fittings

Investors need to know what they are getting for their money. Property specifications are your opportunity to use storytelling to your advantage. Sell the property’s unique charm or modern features that will make it stand out from the crowd.

For example, eco-friendly features can drop energy bills by 30% or more while simultaneously increasing the appeal. Once again, it’s important to know the audience and end occupier. Retired people won’t be impressed by the same items as young families.

A clear bullet point list of all fixtures and fittings within the unit itself should be included too. This will show investors that they are receiving the full package.

8. Offer other related products and services; e.g., conveyancing, finance products, etc

Investing in a property, as a homeowner or landlord, is a time-consuming process. However, the whole procedure can be made a lot easier if they keep multiple assignments under one roof. If your business can provide conveyancing and finance options, you should definitely promote this fact.

From the investor’s viewpoint, it’s not a lazy option., it’s a smart option. Delays due to miscommunication between different companies can set the project back by several weeks. This could result in investors pulling the plug, leaving your marketing team with another uphill battle.

Or if you do not offer the services directly, but can celebrate partnerships or good working relationships, this is another piece of info to include. Using graphics to make the whole process look simple should serve you well.

9. Include a list at the back of other developments to showcase your portfolio and experience

Finally, you must remember that any prospective buyer or investor needs to place a great deal of trust in your services as well as the development itself. Seeing is believing. As such, including a portfolio or details of past projects is one of the most important property sales brochure design tips of all.

The information underlines the trustworthy reputation of the business. Up to seven seconds read reviews and testimonials to judge a company. So, include some quotes to go alongside the photos, charts, and numerical figures.

Homeowners want to know that you can deliver the home of their dreams while investors want to see the potential for a positive ROI. Show this within the brochure and you won’t go far wrong.

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Design Satisfaction Guaranteed

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100% design satisfaction guaranteed

Design Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Palmiero Design we offer a no risk design guarantee to all our customers.
If you are not completely satisfied with our design solutions, there's no fee.

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