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Creative ideas and top tips to get your business noticed

2nd October 2016

Where do you look for inspiration when you need that big idea for your direct mail or advertising campaign?

Open your eyes to the things around you:

Get your inspiration from graphics you see in magazines, on TV or on advertising billboards. Look at the direct mail you receive evey day in the post. Try and keep an open mind from the start. You might find that a completely off the wall or out of the ordinary image can often work better to get attention. Limit how much research you do on the internet even though it’s a fantastic resource – it’s not always the easiest option.

Do something out of the ordinary:

When looking for new creative ideas try getting away from your everyday routine so that different things jump out at you visually. Your senses will be heightened and so you will be more aware of your surroundings – colours, smells, touch, etc. You could take a different route into work one day, or go and grab your coffee from Starbucks instead of Costas – it can be as simple as that.

Visit a museum or art gallery:

Creativity has been part of human nature for many thousands of years, so why not browse round a public gallery and see what gets your attention. After all, it’s attention you need to create in the material you want to produce. In today’s commercial world, we want to utilise the power of curiosity which will make your campaign more memorable.

Model your idea on something proven:

Look for out for communication material that you know is working for someone else (or something you’ve received that has grabbed your attention) and see if you could base your idea along a similar theme. Not many ideas are completely original so you could adapt what you’ve found to suit what you’re trying to communicate. Pay particular attention to the text as well as the graphics used.

Always have a digital camera to hand: You can get great shots with your pocket digital camera. From interesting textures, objects and colours. It’s amazing how things look different throught the eye of a lens. Don’t limit yourself to shots indoors, you can get limitless shots outdoors too.

Top tips to get your business noticed and get your audience to take action…

Attention • Interest • Desire • Action • Satisfaction:

Remember the AIDAS principle as the main steps you have to take your audience through if you want to begin a relationship. Focus on these key words with all your marketing activity. Before you publish anything ask yourself:

  • does my advert or direct mail piece grab the readers attention?
  • does it raise interest by focussing on the advantages and benefits of what I am offering?
  • does it convey a feeling of desire in your product or service that will satisfy their needs?
  • does it give clear instruction for taking action such as call, email or buy from you?
  • finally, can you guarantee 100% satisfaction to your customer so they become a repeat customer?

Before we put pen to paper for any design project the best way for us to help you at the start is to understand as much as possible about you and your business. Also, we like to learn about the relationship you have with your customers as well as the products and services you sell. We want to find out about your competitors too so we know who you’re up against.

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100% design satisfaction guaranteed

Design Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Palmiero Design we offer a no risk design guarantee to all our customers.
If you are not completely satisfied with our design solutions, there's no fee.

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100% design satisfaction guaranteed

Design Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Palmiero Design we offer a no risk design guarantee to all our customers.
If you are not completely satisfied with our design solutions, there's no fee.

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